HINDSIGHT IS 20/20: High St at Chestnut, Downtown, c. 1910

Hindsight Is 20/20

A Throwback Thursday-type post that can occur on any day of the week! Pictures, videos, and personal reflections on the ghosts of Columbus’ past.


High St at Chestnut, Downtown, c. 1910

It’s not #TBT yet, but this hi-res photo of Downtown Columbus from around 1910 (over 100 years ago!) was so good we just had to share! Amazingly, (and regrettably), the only structure shown in this photo still standing is the Atlas Building at High and Long (visible in the photo with a large ‘4%’ sign on its roof).

Here’s the same view today on Google Street View.



High St at Chestnut, Looking South, c. 1910. Image credit: Shorpy.



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