HINDSIGHT IS 20/20: Big Bear Farms, Powell, c. 1960s

Hindsight Is 20/20

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Big Bear Farms, Powell, c. 1960s

For much of the time from its founding in 1934 (as the first supermarket in the midwest!) until unfortunately filing for bankruptcy and shuttering its stores 70 years later in early 2004, Big Bear was the most popular and well-known supermarket in central Ohio.

North of Columbus in Powell, Big Bear operated a farm for many years which provided fresh food directly to its stores. The image below shows one of the iconic silos and adjacent steer barn there sometime during the 1960s.

Later, in the 1980s the farm itself ceased operation but the silos and farmhouse were preserved. At that time, Big Bear sold part of the land to be developed as a residential subdivision (appropriately named ‘Big Bear Farms’) and built a supermarket-anchored shopping center on the remainder of the property.

The prominent Big Bear logo has since been painted over, and the neighboring supermarket is now a Giant Eagle, but the original farm silos still remain and are considered a landmark of the surrounding area. Be sure to spot them next time you go by along Powell or Sawmill Rds, and help keep the knowledge of this interesting bit of local history alive.

Here’s the same view today (look for the silos!) on Google Street View.


Big Bear Farms, Powell, c. 1960s.


Want to keep riding the nostalgia train? Check out this compilation video of late 1980s Big Bear commercials, which were always familiar sights on TV in Columbus.



For even more Big Bear history, an excellent write-up and photo collection can be found online at tallgeorge.com.



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