Columbus Named 15th Largest, 13th Fastest Growing City in the US

Yesterday, the Census Bureau released new estimates detailing the population of the nation’s largest cities as of July 2014.

The fastest growing, not surprisingly, were mostly located where you’d expect – California and Texas.

Of the top 15, only two were located in regions other than the South and West. One of those was New York City, and the other was Columbus (13th fastest growing!) – the only city in the Midwest to feature on the list.

Columbus Development Director Steve Schoney attributed the city’s strong performance to providing jobs and opportunities to young people as they graduate from college, in addition to a lower cost of living than many larger, coastal metro areas.

Columbus was estimated to have grown by 12,421 people over the past year, and has grown by nearly 50,000 residents (+4.3%) since 2010.

That puts the population as of one year ago at 835,957 – securing Columbus’ place as the 15th largest city in the country, just behind Indianapolis.

In a statement, City Council president Andy Ginther said, “It comes as no surprise that Columbus continues to be a community on the rise. We have a special city and our quality of life is second to none.  Our best days are still ahead.”


For more information and population stats from the Census Bureau visit their website,





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