COTA Unveils Public Art Strategy for Cleveland Ave Bus Rapid Transit

Since 2010 the Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) has been working on bringing a Bus Rapid Transit line to the Cleveland Ave corridor. Now dubbed “CMAX,” the limited-stop express BRT service will run North from Downtown Columbus up to Polaris Parkway in Southern Delaware County.

Some of the planned improvements over standard COTA local bus service on the new line are reduced travel times, more frequent service, the unique CMAX branding, and enhanced passenger amenities at each of the new BRT stations.

Those amenities include long sought-after, rider-friendly upgrades like larger shelters, real-time displays indicating when the next bus will arrive, system maps, schedules, and ticket vending machines.

The project is also set to include a unique public art component at many of the stations along the BRT line.

As shown in the renderings below, COTA plans to solicit work from local artists to display on the rear windows of each of the 33 new shelters to be installed for the BRT.

Communities and neighborhoods which border the line are being invited to select themes for the artwork, solicit designs, and provide feedback and recommendations on which artists and concepts should receive final approval.

The public art component is meant to provide a more unique look to the otherwise standard station design, and reflect the different stories of the many diverse communities which the BRT will travel through.

COTA plans to begin public outreach and the artist selection process this summer, with final selection of the artwork to be complete by early 2016. Construction for the BRT itself is scheduled to get underway this fall, wrapping up in about a year, with the new service finally starting in spring 2017.


For more information on COTA’s Cleveland Ave BRT project visit their website,


Daytime view of proposed BRT station with example window art shown. Image credit: COTA.


Nighttime view of proposed BRT station with example window art shown. Image credit: COTA.



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